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Hello community, This is Exorue.
We like to inform you with our Rules, so you can avoid any block, ban or mute!

Section 1 | Disrespect

1. Disrespecting any person of the community staff/Players Or Insulting the game itself Is not allowed.
2. Insulting in PM Is not allowed. [If anybody reported from the chatting players].
3. Saying any bad words in globals Is not allowed.
4. Cursing religions, prophets or God Is not allowed.

Section 2 | Farming/Cheat

5. Farming at the Battle Arena / Capture the flag is not allowed.
6. Botting at Uniques Place is not allowed.

Section 3 | Using Bugs / Scam / Hacking or Be hacked.

7. Using any kind of exploits / bugs Is not allowed.
8. Attacking the game security system or hacking it is not allowed, We got our security. You will be directly banned.
9. If you got scammed because of hacking you/giving your ID/Items to others. we will not help you. Don't ask for help!
10. If you scammed without giving your infos/items to others, or Scammed when using our Lock system or because of an Attack for us. We will help you getting 99% back of your account.
11. Attempting to scam other players Is not allowed.

Section 4 | Infos / Ads / Fakes.

12. Spreading any false information about the server or its staff Is not allowed.
13. Advertising other contents by any means Is not allowed, Yours or not, u will be banned
14. Creating fakename accounts of other players or Bots and Admins Is not allowed.

Section 5 | Selling items.

8. Selling any Item, Silk.. etc for real money Is not allowed.
9. Using any words Trying to sell Item, Silk.. etc for real money Is not allowed.

Any rule not listed here that's doesn't mean its allowed, If an admin told you stop, just stop.
Thank you for reading our rules. Enjoy playing with our rules for more Fun and Respect.

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 0 / 2000

    Server is : OFFLINE
  • Cap 80
  • Degree 8
  • Race CH Only
  • Type PVE
  • EXP 10x
  • Party EXP 12x
  • Drop Items 10x
  • Drop Gold 1x
  • Fortress War [Jangan]
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 10
  • PC (HWID) Limit 2
  • Guild Limit 32
  • Union Limit 2
  • Auto Equip Yes
  • Wanted System Enabled
  • Reborn Yes (200silk)


  • Servertime: 23:06:39
  • Fortress War:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Next BA:
  • Jobwar: Every Day 8PM to 12 AM