Punishment Rules

Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse!


#1 Punishment for 3rd Party Programs [Hacks] (This doesn't include bots)
* Any kind of hack which gives you an advantage in game over others.

1st time = permanent ban


#2 Punishment for Hacking [Accounts]
* If we find you responsible or directly involved with the hacking of someones account.

1st time = permanent ban


#3 Punishment for Inappropriate links/sites
* hacks site, PG-18 sites etc.

1st time = permanent ban


#4 Punishment for Advertising another P-server
*this also includes simply mentioning another p-server name, saying your going there etc.

1st time = permanent ban


#5 Punishment for Ignoring GM Requests
*Ignoring any instructions given by a GM after a number of times of asking, this could be anything from interferring with unique events for set levels and other such things.

1st time = Warning
2nd time = 2nd Warning
3rd time = 3rd warning + Kick from server
4th time = Final warning + Kick from server
5th time = 1 hour ban


#6 Punishment for Impersonate a GM/Admin or making a character that has the same name as a GM/Admin

1st time = permanent ban


#7 Punishment for Fake report on hacking/scamming/profanity language etc.
* Please note FAKE report is not FALSE report
* FAKE reporting is considered posting screenshots that are edited or being caught purposely trying to get someone banned on a false account.
* If the accuser is found to be right and was mistakenly banned the ban will be reverted

1st time = permanent ban


#8 Punishment for Disrespecting/Swearing at GMs/admins,
* This includes swearing/cursing directly or indirectly to a gm, accusing without proof/claiming corruption etc.

1st time = permanent ban


#9 Punishment for Bug Abuse
* Note,the punishment may vary depending on the severity of the bug and for obvious bug abuse.

1st time = warning
2nd time = 3 days ban
3rd time = 7 days ban
4th time = permanent ban


#10 Punishment for Racism
* Racial insults means that u cannot out-right make an insulting racial slur towards someone just to be mean because you are mad, or because you think u are superior to them in some idiotic way, during trash talking this can be very confusing, but u guys know what i am talking about, calling someone for example 'stupid nigge.r', 'stupid BR' is a racial insult, there is a difference between the word 'nigge.r' and the word 'nigga', its ok to use it as a greeting (what up my nigga?) as long as its tasteful, there are many kinds of ppl playing here and i despise racism of any kind towards anyone playing on our server.

1st time = 1 day ban (as a warning)
2nd time = 7 days ban
3rd time = 2 month ban.


#11 Punishment for Impersonating other player
* Going around saying im this person (having similar name doesn't count as impersonating)

1st time = warning
2nd time = perma ban


Note: any of the above rules may change at any moment, or in any particular case be used differently at GMs discretion, but will previously be discussed with the entire staff before taking action.

Your account is your responsibility, incase of account theft, we may only ban the hacker if found and we are by no means ought to restore the stolen stuff.


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Server Information

  • Gameplay: Old-School
  • Cap: 100
  • Race: Chinese
  • Rates: Middle rates
  • Free Silk: Silk/Hour, Uniques Hunt
  • Balanced: Balanced and fair
  • Main-Town: Samarkand
  • Support: 24/7
  • IP Limit: 4
  • PC Limit: 4
  • PC Limit Job Mode: 1
  • PC Limit Battle Arena: 1
  • PC Limit FTW: 1
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