#1 Why all the events has to be recorded to be counted as rewarded-able event ?!

Because we need a prove to use againt skeptics


#2 Is selling/buying of any in game items/accounts is forbidden ?!

No, as long as you follow the rules


#3 How can i gain silk ?!

Through donations, uniques hunts, roc hunt & drops, and silk per hour


#4 Can i get free Silk by uploading videos/streaming ?!

You will have to share the link with us, if we found it useful or enjoyable, then yes you will be rewarded


#5 For how long the server will stay ?!

As long as you are enjoying it, and we paid already to 2029


#6 Can i make my own business in game and start earning money ?!

Yes, as long as you follow the rules


#7 What is the highest gears resources ?!

Sun weapon/shield can be obtained through Arena Manager NPC
Som weapon can be obtained through forgotten world
Som shield/equipment can be obtained through mobs/uniques drops
Som accessory can be obtained through Arena Manager NPC


#8 Why we don't have sun equipment/accessory ?!

To avoid the 3days pvp


#9 I have some ideas and bugs report, can i share it with you ?!

Yes, through our offical facebook page or discord ticket system or website ticket system, and in some cases you can be rewarded


  • 339 / 5000
Standard Time

  • 21:13:57
Server Information

  • Gameplay: Old-School
  • Cap: 100
  • Race: Chinese
  • Rates: Middle rates
  • Free Silk: Silk/Hour, Uniques Hunt
  • Balanced: Balanced and fair
  • Main-Town: Samarkand
  • Support: 24/7
  • IP Limit: 4
  • PC Limit: 4
  • PC Limit Job Mode: 1
  • PC Limit Battle Arena: 1
  • PC Limit FTW: 1
Next Activities

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  • Register: Everyday